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SuccessDNA: Growing a Business Around the Strengths of the Leader

  • A program that emphasizes Honesty, Integrity, and Courage
  • Design your personal best practices
  • Create your Dump List, things you never will have to focus on again based on your SuccessDNA test results.
  • Know how to establish the perfect Culture, Vision, Tribe and Philosophy around your SDNA
  • Craft your Marketing/ Sales, Product/ Service, Team/ Operations so you can also create your perfect Exit from growth roles.

Signature Million Dollar Game Plan: How we live in the world will always adapt to the paradigm our mind and heart's eye envisions.

To exist in a place where one can fully grow into who they want to be, without being limited by money, time, support health or fear.
  • You have the capability to shift the world to you
  • You have the aptitude, attitude and adaptability to achieve what you want
  • Alignment/ Resonance/ Intuition
  • You are capable of leading people to a better tomorrow
  • Every decision and action you take is right for you and others

GPS Program: Every person who shows up with honesty, integrity and courage has the foundation to achieve success.

Confidently and intuitively leading people from problem to results
  • Identity/ Pillars/ Method
  • Name and Pillar Generator
  • Method Generator
  • GPS Writing Calendar

HIHE Method: To sign prospects regularly requires an approach that screams "I've got nothing to hide!"

Confidently and intuitively leading a high-integrity, high experience approach, allowing prospects to see and feel the difference.
  • HIHE Method Source Generator-Hyperfocus on and ultimately systems and master for the fastest path
  • Prospect generator and funnel system
  • Lead Gen Product Generator
  • Invitation
  • CIVE Builder: Consistency/ Intimacy/ Value/ Experience
  • Ethical Scarcity Offer

Your First 10 Group Members:

Game Plan: To grow quickly requires hyperfocus on the one thing that matters most today.
Establishing and scoring your own progress and moving the program into the existence of impacting lives.