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Born to Lead® is our leader-first, foolproof track to start, grow & lead 100's, 1000's...1m's of clients

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The Why Behind Our Client's Success

Name:Daniel Botero

Impact: Helps Minority & 1st Gen Students Land First Job

Challenge: Grow past 3-5k months, Struggle to Leverage
Results: In 3 months, hit first 20k, hits $100k months

Name: Kelly Brock
Impact: Founder of Conscious LeadHer/Peaceful Performer

Challenge: Switch To New Industry, Sustainable Growth
Results: In 4 weeks, sold $150k. 300% Increase. Took Clients to Island.

Name: Lena Haill

Impact: Helps Women Create Viral/Impactful Content
Challenge: Not Charging Value, Transition of Brand
Results: Doubled Rate, Landed 5 Clients in 5 days.

Name: Justin Buonomo
Impact: Helps Clients Master the Money Game
Challenge: Hit a Wall at $10-15k months
Results: 1st month, hit $ routinely hitting $100k months

Name: Emily Melious
Impact: Creating Fulfilling Careers
Challenge: Stuck in 1:1 Work & Selling Time for money.
Results: Best year ever (in her 15th year) & more freedom.

Name: Elyssa Wright
Impact: Holistic Health & Chiropractor
Challenge: Stop Networking Game, Make Marketing/Sales Easier
Results: 3x Business, Surpassed $150k, Working WAY Less

Name: Damien Wilpitz
Impact: Helps Scientist Manage Staffs/Receive Grants
Challenge: Scale Consulting Business, Increase Value
Results: Generates Billions in Grants...Amazing Team Built

Name: Stefano Di Lollo
Impact: Instilling Leadership & Creativity in Clients
Challenge: Struggle to Deliver Message, Sign Clients
Results: One of Top Canadian Coaches, 6 Month Waiting List

Name: Samuel Gbadebo
Impact: Helping Medical Sales Professionals
Challenge: Filling Group Program, Sustainable Growth
Results: Tripled Rates to $5k, Signing Clients More Consistently

Name: David Thimmisch
Name: Empowering Christian Entrepreneurs' Brands
Challenge: Confidence To Grow Program, Charge Value
Results: Steady Stream of High-Quality, $5k Clients.

Name: Abbey Gibb
Impact: Media Visibility + Getting TedX Talks
Challenge: Get Out of Hustle/Grind Launch Model
Results: Built & Filled High-Ticket Mastermind of Her Perfect Client

Name: Rob Horton
Impact: Business Consulting
Challenge: Freedom & Staying True To Vision
Results: Signing Fortune 500 Clients and Finding Balance, Travels World

Name: Adam Cobb
Impact: Performance Coach
Challenge: Turn Influence into Business
Results: Developed Program & Selling $7k Program

Name: Bryanna Reilly
Impact: Helping Nurses Prioritize Themselves
Challenge: Not Sure Where To Begin
Results: Regularly Signing Premium Clients, Paid Speaking Events

Name: Lisa Couturier
Impact: Removing Bus Owners from their J.O.B.
Challenge: So Much Complexity, Hustling and No Ease
Results: Consistently Hitting 5-figure Months, Sold $80k Package

Name: Kevin Higgins
Impact: Nice Guys Find Great Relationships
Challenge: Posting with No Success
Results: Started Group, Signed 10 Clients

These aren't just any kind of leaders...they were truly Born to Lead.
Coming together from all over the world, they are determined to
leave this world & humanity a better place.

We're here to expedite their legacy.