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Hey! I'm Alex

The work you & I perform must have a greater
Impact, Purpose & Service to humanity.

It also means we succeed differently.

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My dedication is to see you grow into the leader you want to be
without the limitations of money, time or fear

ALIGNMENT Many leaders are unwilling to negotiate their purpose, values, or loved ones in the name of the dollar. To succeed doesn't just mean generating millions in impact & income...it must align with who you are and how you desire to show up.

RESONANCE It's more than just saying words that sell, the words must have integrity behind their meaning. To lead with their message must truly fire up the leader at their core while deeply connecting with the audience they know needs their help.

INTUITION No matter the difference you desire to make, people seek leaders who confidently believe through their inspiration & insights, they can dramatically improve one's life. To lead requires faith & trusting your innate gifts to be help others succeed.

There is a moment in our lives where we are called to rise up and lead. When you hear that voice inside calling...a purpose that you have no choice but to lead.

And you're not alone

I didn't know how important that moment was going to be in my life...

I was 7 years old, riding home from swim practice with my dad. Feeling sassy and confident , I said to my father...

You can't say anything to make me mad today. 

My father, smiling, replied; I can make you mad with one sentence.

Confidently, in spite of my father's warnings, I said give me your best shot.

Little did I know those next words would be a calling card throughout my life. He said...

"Alex, you are a follower."

I still can't tell you to this day why he said it or why it made me mad. Heck, I couldn't even articulate what it meant to lead.

But my whole being knew it didn't feel right. My being knew I was Born to Lead.

My guess? You have a similar story.

Call it a voice we hear. 

Call it a purpose we feel.

Call it a calling we believe.

Call it how we're wired.

Personally, What decisions did I make?

  • At the age of 13, I left home, got my own place, and worked to pursue my Olympic swimming dream.
  • Instead of accepting the 6-figure job, I took the 15 hour/day assistant coaching job paying $20k/year
  • At the top of my college coaching career, I resigned to start a business...with no experience or idea.

All irrational & not advisable decisions. And there were tough lessons along the way. From...

  • The woman I thought I'd marry leaving me.
  • Racking up tremendous debt to find "the secret sauce".
  • Sleepless nights questioning my existence. 

In 2014, after another no-show appointment and looking at a "loser" in my rearview mirror...

I realized something that 7 year old Alex could have told me.

I was Born to Lead. Why wasn't I leading?

Since that day...

  • I've started and sold two multi-million dollar businesses
  • I've worked with more than 1000+ clients and have spoken in front of 200k+ people
  • Clients have generated more than $75m with more than 200+ hitting $10k months
  • Advisor & Investor in more than a dozen humanity-first businesses.
  • Living a Family-First Lifestyle that I never believed was possible.
  • Time to train & challenge myself yearly to one unreal human feat (knee setback this year...but still working towards my 100m race)

What changed? More importantly, what were we able to replicate for others?

Early pics of my swimming/coaching life + the people that matter most to me <3

Leaders Operate Differently...

It breaks my heart to hear the same story again and again. This leader was treated like another "entrepreneur" or "business owner" and was coached, advised or mentored to...

  • Grind, Hustle & Sacrifice. Instead of finding a healthy, fulfilling existence, the person was told they have to make a choice. Choose your business or choose your life. You can't have both. Ultimately, the leader breaks down and believes they were the problem.
  • Copy The "Winner." Instead of designing a business that is simple and aligns with their talents, gifts & visions, the person is told to follow the absolute truths of the successful and it should work. If it doesn't...well clearly that person did something wrong or just isn't a winner.
  • Market. Sell. Launch. Repeat. Instead of providing the audience a clear, simple path to experience how they can help, the person is sent on an endless vortex of complicating the path and pulling them away from the audience...ultimately struggling to rise above the noise.
  • Build Multiple $-$$$ Products. Instead of creating one masterpiece program that meets & exceeds the needs of their client, the person continues to build one product after another, trying to meet the needs of everyone. Sadly, the complexity confuses people and very few buy.
  • Spend Decade(s) Transforming Oneself. Instead of seeing, implementing and mastering the gifts you were born with, so many people are told they must change into someone else in order to be successful. Not only do they lose confidence, but often who they truly are.

And who does the Born Leader blame? Themselves.

Here is the thing.

Leaders aren't willing to sacrifice. Leaders are believers in all possibilities.

Leaders don't copy. Leaders speak & create from a place of honesty, integrity & courage.

Leaders aren't "marketers, sellers or gurus." Leaders start & grow movements through leading.

Leaders hate promoting "half-ass" programs. Leaders expect clients to achieve their vision.

Leaders will work on their weaknesses...sometimes to a fault. Leaders exponentially grow through their innate gifts.

In short...

If you're a leader who wants to start, lead and grow a business to millions in impact & income...
To succeed, you must lead a business of clarity, connection & conviction.

The question is...how?

This was the first model I created to serve leaders in Born to Lead®

Today, 300+ have started, grown & lead 6,7 & 8 figure integrity-first businesses with 25k on our email list

It's Not Your Fault...

If a doctor advises you to bang your head against a wall to get rid of your headache, and it doesn't work...is it your fault? (FYI please don't do this :) 

While most of us would question this doctor's credentials...it's becoming harder & harder to discern what is the right information for ourselves. So how do we know?

Personally, I look for 3 things:

  1. Does the leader consistently show up and provide an intimate, valuable experience?
  2. Does the leader write & speak with clarity, embrace connecting, and possessing a conviction in what they do?
  3. Has the leader both done it AND helped others do it?

When designing Born to Lead®, the goal wasn't to build another "program," "course," or "coaching model."

Born to Lead® is our leader-first, foolproof track to remove decades of struggle & hustle to fulfill your destiny of leading 100's, 1000's...even millions.

Bottom line: At a minimum, our Born to Lead® clients will add a sustainable $20k/month.

Yes, it's our one & only program.

We cut through the noise, the bonuses, the clutter, the shiny object, the "next best thing"...

To simply help you learn, implement and master what's necessary to achieve your personal Utopia. Having sold two of my own businesses and mentoring 200+ to fulfilling 6 & 7 figures...

Here are the 3 and ONLY three areas we start focusing on.

1. Leader Operating System | Most design a business & efforts on either a) a copycat of an influencer, or b) trial and error. This often leads to a "hustle & grind" approach that challenges our willpower & mindset.

Imagine if you saw a fish trying to fly. Would you say tell the fish to "work harder?" Or spend hours every morning on their "mindset?" Of course not! Yet, this is often the advice we've been given.

You, the leader, were born with a very specific gift on how to move people. To operate your day out of alignment with your gift is simply a waste of time and energy.

Growing a business can be near impossible when operating out of alignment. Let's align your business, time & energy on the activities the showcase your genius. Yes...we'll first make your business as easy as possible...often, surprisingly easy.

2. The Premier Program That Changes Client Lives (requiring less of your time) | The question I so often get is what should I sell? Should I sell a 1:1 Coaching? Consulting? What About a Live Event? How do I turn it into a Course?

I empathize with these questions, but there is one and only one question that we must answer first.

What result are we committed to delivering better than anyone on the planet?

Every time we create a new program, a new modality, a new course, a new webinar, a new live event, a new...well, you get the point. We create complexity.

Complexity creates confusion, which is why so many struggle with their message, marketing & sales.

But when we confidently are able to lead clients to one inspiring, game-changing vision...

We don't have to sell hard.

We don't have to be cute with our marketing.

We don't have to have the perfect message.

And the best part...you get to deliver the program in a way that serves you, your life, your vision best. BTW, we've seen our clients hit at least 6 figures in 15 different ways (most building a hybrid version).

Bottom line: you get to let your leadership & program speak for itself.

Which leads to...

3. Be Real & Always Provide a Premier Experience | Almost every member who's joined Born to Lead believes they have a marketing & sales problem. After Day 1, more than 90% realize how simple this part of the business is.

Because when you're operating from your natural gift...
When you confidently share your premier program...
You simply give prospects.....

It cuts above the noise.

It removes the need to educate your prospects.

It quickly builds a deep connection.

Bottom line, most of our members will at least double their prices and convert around 50% of every prospect they meet.

I can promise you this: you don't have to be a major "influencer," renowned "expert," or an "extrovert" to succeed.

Our clients get to show up as who themselves...and win!

We let our clients (truly the best people on this planet) like Kelly, Justin, Daniel, Bryanna, David, Emily, Damien speak to our program and what's possible.

While it's great to know what they achieved, you may be asking yourself...

What's Possible for Me? Kiana or I can show what you could do
(you may be shocked)

Meet Kiana, one of our incredible team leaders.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

What My Team & I Stand For

My approach isn't "conventional" and neither is how we approach business and life. We're here to be inspired & have fun along the way.

  • Simple is Always Better | I often find those who teach or share complex launches, strategies, funnels and tactics as often a way to make themselves look and feel better. Simply, easy and effective. That's the fastest path to success.
  • The 100k + 2 Week Rule | We all know time is our most precious asset. Thus, I often talk about the same things again and again. Why? Because I only share what will generate 100k in both income, impact and you can start doing within 2 weeks.
  • Mr. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) | 98% of my life, I've always showed up smiling, optimistic, ready to inspire, have fun and find the opportunity on the rainiest of days. Yes, many have asked me to be "real." For me, this is what's real to me. 
  • No Danny Dreamsnatcher's or Negative Nancy's Allowed | The one thing that gets under my skin is someone putting someone else's idea, dream or goals down. It's the one thing that you will see my rage come out. Put it this way...someone puts you down, know they are on my sh*t list.
  • Honesty, Integrity & Courage | If you show up in life consistently practicing honesty, integrity & courage...no matter where you are...you have my fullest respect.
  • Clients Are Like Family To Me | I was born and raised on a farm where I was taught to unconditionally love those people in my life. I don't know how to approach prospects, clients or team members any other way.
  • I've Got a Million Stories | My guess if you're in my world...you'll hear a lot of them...the good, bad and ugly :)